Stay Current Without Effort

Cadra continually tracks and decodes the latest regulatory updates, so you don’t have to. We ensure you’re always ahead of the curve, saving you valuable time and effort.


Prevent Audit Failures

Our robust audit and assessment procedures aim for a clean pass in the first go. With our comprehensive approach, we significantly reduce the need for time-consuming and costly re-audits.


Turnkey Compliance Documentation

With our technical writing expertise, we produce all necessary compliance documentation on your behalf. This not only ensures accuracy and completeness but also frees up your time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

About Cadra


Finding the time to research compliance and regulatory updates can be tricky.

Cadra gives you time back in your day by eliminating a portion of your workload. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping companies just like yours understand, meet, and remain current with all necessary regulations, freeing you to focus on nailing your next client pitch.

Are you frustrated trying to stay up-to-date with the never-ending compliance updates? Do you lack the time to research new regulations?

Cadra is here for you!

Our specialized services are ideal for:

  • Businesses looking to optimize their compliance and regulatory approach
  • Businesses that need a risk assessment of current documentation
  • Business seeking peace of mind in regulatory compliance and technical writing

We help you navigate the endless cycle of regulations, reduce potential risks, and deliver technical writing ready for your next client pitch.


Cadra makes regulatory updates and compliance audits hassle-free

The Cadra team are experts in the field of security and compliance, offering technical writing and risk assessment for regulators and DoD suppliers.

Our Services

Navigating security and regulatory compliance audits with ease

Technnical Writing

Technical Writing

Communicate your compliance effectively with our clear, concise, and expertly crafted technical documents.

Audit and Assessment

Navigate the complex landscape of financial, security, and compliance audits with confidence, guided by our 15 years of experience.

Policy and Procedure Creation and Advisory

Develop robust policies and procedures that align with regulatory standards, crafted with expert guidance.

Risk Assessment

Mitigate vulnerabilities and secure your business with our comprehensive risk assessments.

Third-Party Assessments

Ensure your third-party service providers meet necessary security and compliance standards with our expert evaluation.
About Owner

Lori Crooks


With broad experience in management, compliance audits, and data security, is a seasoned expert in collaborating to resolve complex issues. She managed FISMA/FedRAMP, PCI, ISO, and HIPAA Audits teams as a Managing Consultant at A-lign Security and Compliance Services.

Previously, Lori led policy development based on ISO27001 and compliance audits at LexisNexis and Cox Communications. She successfully carried out gap analyses, developed policies to address identified gaps, and resulted in an ISO 27001 security framework for the companies. Additionally, she instituted an Information Security Training Program and managed various third-party audits, including SAS70/SSAE 16, PCI DSS Compliance, and FISMA audits.


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I worked with Lori Crooks to build our System Security Plan for FedRAMP at Alation over the course of about 8 weeks. Not only was she extremely pleasant to work with and showed up to every call with positive energy – but she proved to be a deep expert in translating NIST control language into plain English so that our team could scope our follow-up tasks to close gaps. Lori’s efficiency and expertise made a very heavy lift into a pleasure, and I would gladly work with her again.

Elaine Atkinson, Head of Security at Alation

We undertook the FedRAMP certification process for the first time knowing we had a steep learning curve ahead of us. Lori and her team at Security Compliance Solutions flattened that curve substantially, both streamlining the document production process and providing expert guidance on how to adapt our policies and procedures to meet or exceed the standards on which we would be audited. When we delivered our SSP to our sponsor and our 3PAO, both commented that we were one of the most prepared CSPs they had seen in some time. I believe much of our success is due to Lori’s contribution to our submission.

Daniel E. Director of Cloud DevOps and Infrastructure, Undisclosed

I will definitely hire Lori again. Excellent, professional.

Matt S. CISO, VP Risk Management, Undisclosed
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