CADRA Services

Navigating security and regulatory compliance audits with ease

Technnical Writing

Technical Writing

Communicate your compliance effectively with our clear, concise, and expertly crafted technical documents.

Audit and Assessment

Navigate the complex landscape of financial, security, and compliance audits with confidence, guided by our 15 years of experience.

Policy and Procedure Creation and Advisory

Develop robust policies and procedures that align with regulatory standards, crafted with expert guidance.

Risk Assessment

Mitigate vulnerabilities and secure your business with our comprehensive risk assessments.

Third-Party Assessments

Ensure your third-party service providers meet necessary security and compliance standards with our expert evaluation.
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Penetration Testing

Real-world, simulated attack conducted by hackers. Certified with Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and other certifications, this service is also known as manual penetration testing.

Cadra is an authority in security and compliance, providing technical documentation and risk evaluation services for regulatory bodies and DoD vendors.


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